Sydney VIVID Festival

Have you ever seen a city with pink, blue, purple and green buildings? Well in Sydney, every winter for a few weeks, the city is decked out with light shows, music and food stalls. It is a place where art, lights and technology come to life. 

Vivid normally runs around the end of May and beginning of June every year, and from what I’ve noticed, it gets busier and busier each year. Vivid is a free event with numerous amounts of arts to see, food to be eaten and amazing photos to be taken. 

vivid 1

Best time to go

During the week is the best time to go, as the festival is on during the school term, so families don’t go out as much during the weeknights. 

I went to Vivid on the weekend, and I have never seen the city so busy. It was way over crowded, and you could hardly even get food from the stalls without waiting at least 30 minutes. Between the times 6pm and 9pm are the peak times, so before or after you will skip the massive rush (take in mind though it will still be busy). 

So from experience, I strongly suggest attending vivid during the working/school week. 

vivid 5vivid 8

The best parts of the city to see during Vivid 

Vivid lights are scattered all throughout the city, but here are the best places with the liveliest atmosphere, memorising lights and best food for your vivid experience. 

The Rocks 

Circular Quay 

Botanic Gardens 

Darling Harbour

vivid 6


Transport to and from

During Vivid, extra buses run to and from the city, but still the roads are very packed and busy. The train is quick and easy, skipping all the road traffic is always the better way to go. 

Wynyard Station is the first stop over the Harbour Bridge coming into the city, and is the best stop to get off at to see Circular Quay, The Rocks and Botanic Gardens. 

To get to Darling Harbour, Town Hall would be the best stop to get off at. From there, it is just a short walk through the city. Darling Harbour is great for families and has an array of food options. Check out my previous Darling Harbour post for ideas on where to eat or where to stay. 

Driving in to the city would be your last option, as parking is expensive and it would take double the time compared to if you were to travel on public transport.

vivid 4

vivid 2

Check Vivid out here


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